The Peculiar Happenings of Amelia Kent

She stood on the precipice, with only the weight of her ‘being’ to support her.

Who could know the secret she’d hidden so well, but which now threatened the very ground beneath her feet?

She could feel herself getting drawn into the quagmire, sucked in, no air to breathe.

She had allowed memories of that past to die long ago, lie fallow behind the liberating certainty that she had – somehow – moved on…

… but it was closing in fast. She’d been careless, caught idle, looking the other way.

And now that secret past had burst into the room, casting its over-long shadow. Her stomach gripped.

What could she do? Suddenly, she felt so faint, as though her entire existence was bottoming out, slipping through a hole.

Her new life broken apart, crushed and buried.

Whatever the cost, she mustn’t let it happen.

Copyright © 2013 Donna Rae Jones. All rights reserved.

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